Pink House
November 25, 2017

The Marmalade House

The Marmalade House is located in the picturesque fishing village of olhão. In the oldest street of Barreta, the oldest bairro (area) of Olhão. Just 100m from the seafront. The house is approximately 200 -150 years old and made out of stone and limestone mortar with domed brick ceilings. The main propose of this renovation was to maintain as much as possible of the existing house while making sure it would allow for the comforts of today. During the renovation process exquisite stone and brick details were uncovered, the option to maintain them exposed was therefore taken. All materials used were local and traditional making sure that that the walls were redone using limestone only and the stone and bricks were treated with natural materials that protect those whiteout compromising breathability. All architectural traditional forms were respected, including the traditional ‘açoteia’.