• "If you look for a builder to renovate a old house and you want it to be stylish, Flavio is the right person! Flavio is a very helpful person who likes to deliver some good finished work. He will always provide you advices and help you chosing the right options. He takes the time to explain to you all the necessary details. If you renovate a old house, Flavio knows a lot of technics that will help keeping the spirit of the place. For those who are not fluent in Portuguese, he speaks a very good English. We really appreciated to work with him as he is a real friendly person and trustworthy."
    Philippe Rideau
  • Renovating an old house in Olhao’s historic center was never an easy job!! It’s a project full of challenges, but having Flavio and Sr. Martinho on your side gives you the strength and firm solid base to move on an overcome all possible obstacles. They will support you all the way and always look for the most efficient solution to any possible obstacle. Creating a house is a lot more than securing a few walls and a roof... so Flavio will guide you to make sure the engineering is at the most professional level and also his endless creativity will support you during the design stages and covering all final details. JMC Construções is a family business with integrity and professionalism at their core. Totally recommended.
    Noelia Barquero
  • We have good experiences with the company JMC Construcões of mr. Flávio Simão. This experience is based on many years restoring a few old houses in Estoi and Tavira. The company has a high level of quality and a good personal communication. We can recommend the company.
    Willem Hendrick van Konijnenburg
  • We have been working alongside JMC on several architectural projects with fantastic results, so when it came to one of my personal projects we teamed up once more. The project was a renovation of a 150 year old property, making use of centuries-old materials and techniques but applied to modern design and functionality. Flávio’s knowledge of Materials, Techniques and Site Management is invaluable. Able to not only comply, but also improve on a defined project, as well as complying with deadlines and budgets. The Marmalade House Project was completed to perfection; with extreme attention to detail. The spaces achieved enhance and honour this historic building. From a point of view of an architect, we strive to have a partner on the construction site; someone we can entrust with our designs and specifications and can bring our projects to justice. I found just that with Flavio and his team and we’ll definitely work together again.
    Tatiana Bento
    Sena Architects